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The DCV Program - An Alternative Solution to the Problems of Poverty, Crime and Global Warming

Attention:To the Public

Recently, we have been informed that despite our present non-operation, some groups, specifically a certain Task Force Kalikasan Movement in the Samar Provinces and in Tacloban City or any other Movement not related to us, have been using fabricated/fake information sheets and the name of our organization, the Morjil C. Valencia Foundation Against Crimes and Poverty, Inc. and/ or DCV Program, without our knowledge, consent and authority. Unknown personalities from said unknown Movement have been reported to us that they were collecting large sums of money from innocent people using the name of our Foundation/Program. We want to warn the public that these unknown individuals are not authorized by the Foundation and do not represent us in any way. Anybody who would like to join and voluntary donate cash to our Foundation/Program shall personally deposit to our bank account or forward directly to our main office and not to anybody else outside our office. If you have been in communication with anyone claiming to represent us, please contact us through the phone numbers listed in our Contact Page or email us at or report him/her to the nearest Police Station for doing a criminal act. Do not use any other contact number or email address or social media contact (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that may have been given to you besides the ones listed in this website.


For every GREEN GIVER'S share, precious drops start to work against global warming and poverty caused mainly by fossil fuel !

Past DCV Program Websites MCV Foundation (MCVFACPI) thru itsDCV Program invites everyone to fight global warming and povertyby sharing, giving love, uniting efforts and showing concern to others and to Mother Earth.

Let us not tolerate these two man-made problems any longer. Let us be first movers of the green environment revolution. Everybody has a part in the existence of global warming, as everybody has his/her corresponding carbon footprint. Excessive carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere produced by mankind induced global warming which causes climate change resulting to drought, strong typhoons, melting of ice- giving rise to sea water level,flooding and other weather phenomenons. The consequences of climate change in this modern times resulted in extreme face of poverty like sickness and death,the destruction of housing/water/transportation facilities andinfrastructures, destruction of crops, livelihood and businesses,as well asour environment. In effect, we are turning God's creation into a nightmare and not conducive for mankind to live in. The balanced system of producing and storing CO2 is already disturbed. There are no more enough trees to capture and hold emitted CO2. And yet production of CO2 continues worldwide as population also increases. Imagine the mother earth with inadequate trees or when there are no more trees which will convert CO2 into oxygen thru photosynthesis. With inadequate or lack of oxygen in an environment withexcessive CO2, mankind will perish and nobody will survive. While there is still time, everybody should do his/her share to reducethe root cause of global warming. Everybody producesCO2 and so everybody should do his share in reducing it, in whatever way possible.

Billion tons of CO2 are produced every year by billion people around the world. Most of it come from their utilization of transportation facilities, industrial plants and factories, as well as from deforestation, such thattheadvantage they derived in using fossil fuel that produces CO2 is modern convenience and comfort for the human race. This is the result of industrial revolution and modern technology revolution where derived comfort and income can not be sacrificed by some quarters in limiting their usage of fossil fuel. As it is, with the continuous usage of billion liters of fossil fuel that is also producing billiontons of CO2 yearly, without any concrete solution on how to reduce CO2 emission to the desired level, the world is about to reach the point of no return, increasing the earth's temperature by 2 degrees centigrade.

However, under the DCV Program, a breakthrough is being offered to unlock the deadlock. It is a win-win solution that should have ushered the successfull ratification of the Kyoto Protocol. Usage of fossil fuel is not limited with the program, but to control and reduce the production of CO2 every liter of it is mixed with one drop (1- ml) of the innovative Manna Herbal Fuel Catalyst being endorsed by the program. When the fuel catalyst is mixed with the fossil fuel,CO2 emission is reduced by more or less 88% and withfuel saving of more or less 20%. Also, being a fuel catalyst, it is not consumed after catalyzing the necessary chemical process but will be emitted to the atmosphere and there continue its function as a catalyst for the billiontons ofCO2 now trapped and stored for hundred years in the atmosphere. We need to mix billion drops of Manna Herbal Fuel Catalyst with billion liters of fossil fuel which will be released thru gas emission to the atmosphere to catalyze and reduce the billiontons of CO2 now stored/trapped there within the next decade. By making the fossil fuel cleaner and with the unique process of converting the CO2 in it into energy, it increases fuelefficiency, thus it, in fact,also helps to conserve the remaining world reserve for fossil fuel by extending its availability even beyond fifty years from now.

In addition, as air pollution is one of the major causes of illness of mankind when they inhale polluted air, the DCV Program recommends that five drops of another innovative product called Quantumin Plus is mixed with every glass of water to counter the effect or cure the disease brought about by air pollutants. Also, to counter the bad effects of some foods we eat resulting to hypertension, diabetes and heart disease, the international product called Forever Arctic Sea is being endorsed as a cure/food supplement. If billionpeople around the world will join and cooperate with the noble and global mission of the DCV Program, we have billion GREEN GIVERS sharing billion drops of Manna Herbal Fuel Catalyst, Quantumin Plus and Forever Arctic Sea.Very clearly, billion drops of Manna Fuel Herbal Catalyst onbillion liters of fossil fuel yearly would reduce the production of CO2 by billion tons yearly. Similarly, billion drops of Quantumin PlusandForever Arctic Sea on billion glasses of water yearly wouldcure or prevent the illnesses of billion people yearly derived from the usage of fossil fuel.

As having said above, the problems of global warming and poverty are man-made. For many years these have been nurtured. Under the DCV Program, the same people who jointly caused said problems will try to resolve it jointly. Thus, it is not an impossible dream to save mankind andMother Earth. Our dearGOD gave us the solution that mankind should be the one to undo whathas beendonewith this planet earth thru the DCV Program. We all pray to HIM when calamities andother wrath of nature befall us. We are one voice in calling for mercy. It is therefore imperative and a must that each of us should actnow and pray to dear GOD with onevoice to spare us from reaching thepoint of no return. For sure, dear GOD will hear us, as the voice of the people is the voice of GOD. Hence, the DCV Program is an instrument of GOD where people can express their voice and participation to save mankind and our planet. It is a modern translation, application or form of People Power around the world to address the problems of global warming and poverty. It is a computerized program- exponential in progression to match, neutralize, address and /or reduce the massive production of CO2 in the atmosphere and the proliferation of extreme poverty.

Come one, comeall ! Join the DCV Program as participants, sharers, sponsors or donors anddo the first move for the Green Environment Revolution. Be a GREEN GIVER.

DCV Program is a Form of "People Power"

Nearly quarter of a century ago, in February 1986, the world witnessed a "revolution" which in itself was revolutionary. The peaceful uprising of the Filipino people on the stretch of a highway known as Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA) in the Philippine capital which forced the change of the then-national administration and ushered in Corazon "Cory" Aquino, widow of the late Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. who was assassinated three years earlier, to become the 11th President of the Philippines. This "People Power" revolt was the first-ever of its kind in the world and a turning point in the country's history and politics. More recently, in the country's first electronic elections on May 10, 2010, and in a show of overwhelming support by the people of the Philippines through a form of people power in the polls, Senator Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III (the only son of Ninoy and Cory Aquino) was elected the 15th President of the Republic.

In the Presidential Elections of 2016, the Filipino people again demonstrated their will with the overwhelming win at the polls of former Davao Mayor and now President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Considered as a tough crime fighter particularly against drugs and corruption in government, he is also determined to bring in a new era of prosperity and greatly alleviate, if not eradicate poverty from the country as well as take all the measures necessary for the peace and security of the nation.

In this same light, the MCV Foundation believes that our people (and all people anywhere in the world) also have the power within themselves to fight global warming and rise above the bondage of poverty and all the ills associated with it. Yet without the framework to harness this potential, it remains dormant and unrealized. This is why the Foundation has taken a different approach to address these problems from that of other charitable organizations, that is, to empower the grassroots and the masses to help themselves by developing and providing the necessary systems and support mechanisms to achieving those ends, thus making this program a form of people empowerment or "People Power".

A New Beginning for the Philippines

With the election of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and the achievements of his predecessor, Former President Noynoy Aquino, there is a sense of a new beginning for the country. The new President has actively campaigned for the eradication of crime, corruption and poverty and has made it a top priority of his Administration. For many Filipinos who had to endure poverty and hardships as a result of the rampant government corruption, this is a most welcome and refreshing change and many are hopeful that this signals a new beginning and direction of government.

The MCV Foundation is optimistic, as this new beginning is very timely and favorable to advancing the DCV Program. With the focus on eradicating poverty, expectations are high that there is, at least, the political will to do so. However, dependence on government to do it alone will not suffice. It is expected that everyone would do their share in alleviating poverty. There is a need for effective private sector initiatives as well, which often are more effective than government programs and there are many such private humanitarian efforts being undertaken. The DCVProgram is unique as it is a private initiative that harnesses individual citizens to do their share (in a very real sense, people empowerment). But in doing so, by participating, they place themselves in a position to also benefit financially.

However, while it would be an advantage to work together with government, and the Foundation is very much open to the opportunity, we are independently expanding our own capabilities and mapping out strategies to advance the DCV Program for years to come.

Our OFWs As Ambassadors of Change

Change for the better has more often than not, been elusive and people tend to look to external sources for this change, which is not at all wrong. Certainly, faith in the Almighty who watches over His creation is the ultimate hope of all. Many charitable personalities and organizations are catalysts of change through their efforts and that is to be respected. However, every individual has been endowed with the ability to influence change, and with the right opportunities and resources, that ability can be amplified many times over, going beyond the boundaries any single person can normally reach. These individuals who are all over the world need help and focus in order to effect change within themselves, to their fellow human beings and to Mother Earth.

One particular focus of the DCV Program is to help our more or less ten million (10,000,000) overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and their families. Through their families here, who can participate in the program themselves, the OFWs can also enter / participate overseas and they can invite their fellow countrymen or even foreigners to participate in the program. The potential here is that through the OFWs, as our Ambassadors of Change, the program can have international or even global reach and spread its life-changing influence beyond national borders to many more people around the world. In sum, we are giving new opportunities for our OFWs and their families by providing them an additional source of income. Through them, we are helping other people of the world andpreserve the earth, as well as help our country to be recipient, not borrower, of millions, if not billions of U.S. Dollars.


The mission of the MCV Foundation / DCV Program is to provide the framework and support systems for people empowerment for the purpose of providing an alternative source of income in helping and showing concern for others. Ultimately, the program, through its active and increasing participants worldwide, will act as a major catalyst for social change, alleviating poverty, corruption, the criminality that results from these issues, as well as in solving the problem of global warming and climate change.


To achieve a society wherein our citizens will have a means of income through participation in the program to meet their physical needs and enjoy a decent quality of life free from crime and corruption in a clean and healthy environment and that the availability of the program will provide a true option for overseas workers to return and stay in the country to build a better life with their families.

Our Invitation

The MCV Foundation invites everyone to join and participate in the DCV Program. In participating, not only will you be donating to help alleviate other people's poverty and help solve global warming, other social and environmental problems but you stand to receive returns on your voluntary cash donation many times over. Far more than that, you will be doing your part in building a better society, nation and world for this generation and the next.

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DCV Program Mechanics

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